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Dorsey knows the future begins with providing our children the educational tools needed to succeed—from early childhood to higher education.  By supporting early childhood education, we have the opportunity to provide our children with quality growth during their most impressionable years.  By partnering universities and colleges with innovative businesses, we provide an environment where our children do not have to leave in order to succeed.  By fostering an environment supportive of our children, it becomes easier to recruit businesses and create high paying jobs.  Dorsey is committed to better education, stronger economic development, and providing real opportunities for each of us.

Campaign News

Dorsey Carson Gets ‘A’ Grade From NRA

JACKSON, MS – The National Rifle Association has awarded Dorsey Carson, Candidate for State Representative in the 64th District, their ‘A’ rating for the General election on November 8th. Carson received a letter based on his positive responses to the …
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Dorsey Carson on Prioritizing Education

Dorsey believes in offering early childhood education for all Mississippi children and in fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Plan.

Dorsey Carson on Fighting Crime

Dorsey has great ideas on fighting crime such as increased utilization of the state crime lab and recruiting top forensic experts for investigations.